Leadership Programs & Networking

Leadership Programs

The Institute for Progressive Leadership provides programs with a broad spectrum of opportunities for capacity building based upon the level and type of public service involvement.  The Emerging Leaders, Advanced Leaders, and Global Leaders Programs are fellowships with all costs to the participant borne by the program.

Emerging Leaders—an exceptional one year Fellowship designed for the state legislator or executive elected or appointed official within their first term of office. The Emerging Leaders Program uses values based, experiential teaching principles, coaching and networking to empower the participant to:

The Fellowship emphasizes both building one’s own leadership capacity and developing the relationships needed to successfully achieve leadership goals and aspirations.


Advanced Leaders—a unique six month Fellowship designed to provide leadership and ascension strategies for the gifted and highly motivated leader with experience in the process of governing and sense of personal involvement for the leadership of the nation's society. The Advanced Leaders Program will provide first hand tools for:

This program is designed to inspire and facilitate the emergence of national and international leaders.


Global Leaders—an exclusive nine month Fellowship designed to enhance the capacity for statesman-like leadership through comprehension of the responsibilities, opportunities and implications of globalization. The Global Leaders Program will empower these Fellows with a commanding knowledge of globalization, democratization, civil governance and rule of law, social and economic issues and their interdependence on world peace and prosperity.

Specialized Trainings—These exceptional quality specialized trainings are short, tailored leadership development programs on a specific element or particular program issue (i.e. minority and women leaders, economic development issues such as employment or housing) and are designed to enhance understanding, provide a deeper knowledge of and build a capacity for the making informed choices and strategizing courses of action as catalysts for change. These trainings provide for peer-to-peer interchange and opportunities to share best practices and participate in an invaluable professional resource network and may be one to three days in length or multiple convenings.

International Trainings—From time to time, the Institute may facilitate the convening or trainings designed to develop a cadre of leaders of statesmanlike character with the exceptional capacity to contribute to the international public affairs society. In such a case, IPL will partner with world class programs and institutions to help expand and support the pipeline of emerging international leaders.



There are over 400 graduates of the Arthur S. Flemming Leadership and Eleanor Roosevelt Global Leadership Institutes that remain in state level public office ranging from third term state legislators to U S Congressional members. A bipartisan group that reflects the demographics of America in the 21st century (age, race, sex, ethnicity, geography, economic, region, and political party), these graduates have developed strong relationships and utilized values based techniques for crafting governing consensus across divides. With the closing of the Center for Policy Alternatives, these graduates no longer have a home. IPL, through the Arthur Flemming Fellows Association, will endeavor to maintain and further strengthen this network that is critically important to these accomplished leaders/mentors who have developed relationships and utilized techniques for crafting a new governing consensus across political divides.